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KOM Informatics: Adaptive Workouts

So, what makes an adaptive workout adaptive? How does it provide progressive overload in response to increased fitness? Other systems treat this process as a black box, where it's hard to tell why you got a certain workout, and where you'll be going to with it. In contrast, we'll show you exactly how our Adaptive Workouts will change in response to your Interval Advisor recommendations. Click on a [Show Animation] button for a workout to see. The animation will start running in a few seconds beneath the workout description. You can mouse over the blocks in the animations to show the FTP percentages and durations. Wattages will be tailored to athletes based on their FTP.

These workouts are designed to be challenging! Most athletes should do no more than 2 of these workouts in a week, less if their schedule contains a race. The balance of the workouts should be Zone 2 focused.

Workout Name Workout Description
Traditional VO2Max
Traditional Threshold
30/30's HIIT
40/20's HIIT
40/30's HIIT
Aero Grinder
VO2Max Grinds
VO2Max Descenders
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