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Advanced Cycling Analytics

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KOM Informatics: Interval Analytics

KOM Informatics is a web-based application that gives serious cyclists world class tools that provide accurate and comprehensive views of their training workload and how that workload relates to peak performances. The centerpiece of this effort is the system's ability to automatically detect the most important and relevant intervals based on power training zones/durations that you provide. KOM Informatics can not only tell you if you're getting stronger, it can tell you why. Can your cycling analytics system do that?


Interval Detection

Automatically detect the most relevant intervals for each ride


Interval Aggregation

Intervals are aggregated into a meaningful Interval Zone Distribution (IZD) for a ride


Precision Workload Tracking

IZD's are further aggregated to give you a precise view of your training workload composition


Workload/PR Correlation

Hold your training accountable by discovering statistically significant relationships between your interval or non-interval workload and your PR watts



Although intervals are at the center of KOM Informatics the system has other tools and technologies that one might expect from a world class cycling analytics application

Workout Builder

Workout Builder

Build & Share Zwift Workouts

KOM Informatics has a new Workout Builder tool which lets users create and share workouts capable of being exported to Zwift format.

Create visually stunning workouts in less time, with less effort than competitors. Instead of re-creating complex interval patterns or warmups for each workout you can save them as components which will be displayed on a components palette on future Workout Builder sessions



Heart Rate Based Power

KOM Informatics has a novel algorithm that predicts power based on heartrate.

It works by using the rides you've uploaded with both power and heartrate data as prediction sources.

You can begin using KPower after you've uploaded at least 20 rides with both power and heartrate data. The more of these type of rides you upload the better the predictions will be.



Coaches & Friends

On KOM Informatics you can allow different levels of access to your feed.

Friends will see your rides in their feeds, and they can comment on them.

Coaches can not only see your rides, but they can comment on them in a section of the ride page visible only to them and you. Coaches also have the ability to view all of your reports.

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